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Trees Adventure Park Sant Hilari Aventura

Park suitable for both adults and kids

Booking and infos

Telephone+34 677 964 920 / +34 972 87 28 20 /


Sant Hilari Aventura Regulations

Performance standards

  • The user can not access the trees if personal protective equipment ( PPE ). I is not allowed to use other safety equipment as supplied by the park.
  • A person maximum per play simultaneously .
  • Maximum two people per platform simultaneously.
  • The computer is personal and not transferable.
  • The user has to keep the whole way . This is to be placed i removed by park staff .
  • The company reserves the right to discontinue the activity, bad weather or whatever else might incur risk criterion monitors.

This activity is not performed with the monitor. The user navigates in complete autonomy . Des monitor monitors soil and perform a monitoring task.

  • The user is responsible for complying with safety standards . It permanently secure their movements and progression of the tours : Has to do if the signs of the games i remain secured in the lifelines.
  • Monitors have specific training to enforce safety standards for the maintenance of equipment and evacuation operations and premieros aid. They are identified by their clothes and willing at all times to give information to users. His instructions are mandatory.
  • The company reserves the right of admission , limiting access to any person who fails to comply with safety standards or having a dangerous behavior for the same or other users .
  • The park management reserves the right to allow people to evolve paths of red and black as their evolution paths.
  • The activity is completely forbidden to any person who has been drinking , drugs and monitors criteria have clearly affected his faculties , for this reason or any other. In any of these cases , it may limit or prohibit the use of all or some of the lines.
  • The company is not responsible for deterior pèrdida asbestos or personal effects of customers as the people that come.

Safety information

  • Prior to the start of the adventure trail , the user has to receive the instructions for use mandatory safety and monitors the park explain the initiation point.
  • The user must always be secured to the cable lifeline with two carabiners .
  • When in a platform and have to progress through the game, I make sure to first lifeline (marked in red ) with a carabiner and then the other .
  • Before climbing the stairs to the routes start , stretch the rope to lower the red carabiner where the two carabiners will make sure my team. When he reached the platform , first assure a carabiner to the lifeline and then the other.
  • When I find the cable lifeline marked in blue and red, I have to secure the pulley first and then pass the two carabiners .
  • You understand and agree that makes a sport and as such may involve risk of injury. The company is not liable for injuries caused by the misuse of the facilities .
  • Users are responsible for the damage and prejudice to persons or property which may would cause the same or others , by improper use of facilities or equipment , or failure to follow the instructions of the monitors.