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Trees Adventure Park Sant Hilari Aventura

Park suitable for both adults and kids

Booking and infos

Telephone+34 677 964 920 / +34 972 87 28 20 /



  1. It has to pay to enter the park? Entrance to the park is free , charged alone in performing acrobatic circuits .
  2. What will we find in the park? Different acrobatic games suspended in trees at different heights depending on the difficulty , bridges , nets , zip lines , tunnels , lianas , etc. .
  3. What you need to know? This activity requires no prior knowledge as our monitors provide all the knowledge before you start circuits .
  4. What has to go? It is advisable to wear clothes and shoes and hair up, by subtraction we provide the equipment necessary to perform the activity. However, cyclist gloves would be recommended.
  5. At what age can make games? The circuit is accessible to children from 3 years to 6 or 7 years. Children must be accompanied des soil by an adult.
  6. Is it also for adults ? In our park has 4 circuits for adults. While one of them is accessible to children. The 2 circuits from 130cm blue and red and black from 145cm .
  7. We have some physical preparation ? No need ningu8n physical conditions such as the circuit is designed for all audiences .
  8. We have to take any special equipment? No need to carry any material. We will provide it .
  9. A I have a right to the entrance? By purchasing a ticket to the circuits , this includes circuits performed once chosen
  10. Is there a weight limit ? By strict safety rules is not allowed for people over 120kg .
  11. What circuits have lasted ? Approximately 45 minutes each circuit , depending on the skill and agility of each person. Do everything the park has a lasted approximately three hours .
  12. A circuits , if I lock it I have to do ? In these cases a monitor will help you get off the ground with a simple and safe evacuation maneuver ..
  13. You can repeat the circuit ? The circuits can be performed only once, but the reps have a very economical cost .
  14. You can eat in the park? You can eat in the area enabled for rest and picnic . We have tables and benches. The park does not provide food, but if drinks
  15. Foden animals inside access ? It can be accessed whenever you are tied dog.
  16. The monitors also go up to the circuits and what role do they have? The role of monitors is correct training and surveillance des soil , and maneuvering safety of users .
  17. Activity is suspended before? This activity can be done all year . Activity is suspended only by adverse weather conditions , such as electrical storms , high winds, etc. . In these cases, handed a voucher for another day.
  18. Are there different levels? In Sant Hilari Adventure, find easy circuits more difficult and higher. Just depends on your choice.