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Trees Adventure Park Sant Hilari Aventura

Park suitable for both adults and kids

Booking and infos

Telephone+34 677 964 920 / +34 972 87 28 20 /


Sant Hilari Aventura Park - It's all about active participation!

An entertainment park surrounded by nature, where you can enjoy active tourism with a wide range of multi-adventure activities, great to live a different day in an emblematic place that make you forget the urban way of life.

Welcome to the Sant Hilari Adventure Park, located in the town of Sant Hilari Sacalm, in the heart of Montseny, the only one in the area of Girona for children from 3 years old.


Our main activity is the acrobatic park in the trees, or what is the same, the park with zip-lines, where both adults and children will find 5 circuits of different levels to enjoy a great adventure for about 2 hours on high. t the top of the trees you will discover bird's eye view, an unusual world, above all the forest.

To enjoy our adventure park in the trees in the area of Montseny, no special physical conditions are required, because we have activities at all levels; our team of experienced professionals will guide and help you at all times to make your day differentandday full of fun.

The Park Sant Hilari Adventures, close to the Vilar Rural Sant Hilari, do not leave anyone indifferent and will make you live an unforgettable day.

¡¡We are waiting for you and we hope you will not regret!! 

The activity includes:

  • Material
  • Insurance
  • Introductory explanation with the monitor before making activity

Challenges at the Park Sant Hilari Adventure

Aerial view of rural hotel VILAR Sant Hilari and Sant Hilari PARC AVENTURA:

Map of Sant Hilari Aventura, Adventure Park in Girona

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Timetable Spring - Summer In Spring, from April 2 to June 19, open at weekends from 10am to 3pm (on Sundays) and from 10am to 7pm (on Saturdays). In Summer, the park is open every day from July 12th until September 14th, from 10am to 7pm. From 17th to 25th of September, we are opened only at the weekends. Timetable Autumn - Winter Open on Weekends: Saturday and Sundays. November: Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 3pm. December, Saturdays and Sundays starting at 10am and closing at 3pm on Sunday and at 7pm on Saturday. From 25th of December to 1st of January, opened from 10am to 3 pm.
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Vilar Rural Sant Hilari
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